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Resume Rescuer

Posted on: January 27th, 2014


Here are several tips that can take your resume to the next level.

  • Pinpoint honors or accolades you might have received in your position
  • Explain how you overcame certain challenges & created solutions
  • Shape your resume to the current position you are applying for
  • Use action words & include numbers
  • Include a branding statement. This will showcase your value & help you stand out
  • Show off your skills that you gained in certain positions
  • List any training
  • Try to keep your resume to one page
  • Also add your community involvement
  • Mention associations or honors societies you were or are a part of
  • Include different languages spoken
  • Use industry related buzz words

Most Sought Out Talents in Tech Recruiters

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014


Human resources and gender equality

Problem Solver-There are always unforeseen roadblocks in recruiting. The recruiter must be the coordinator between the hiring company and the candidate. They have to pacify both parties.

Grasping the Market-Tech recruiters must understand technical terms in order to be able to sell the job or know what a candidate’s skills are.

Professional Conduct-Recruiters have to understand the recruiting realm and how the companies that need candidates recruited work. They have to appreciate the process in every role and every function.

Mediation Talents-The recruiter is the mediator between wants and needs for both the candidate and the company. They have to find reason and common ground between both sides.

Super Sleuth-Tech recruiters have to be excellent detectives and know how to source their candidates using several tools.

Marketer-Recruiters are what make your brand. They are the first people candidates see when entering into the recruiting process. They are the face of your company and demonstrate company transparency to those active seekers.

Salesman-Recruiters have to be salesmen most of all. They have to be able to sell a position to a candidate as well as selling the candidate to the company.

Becoming a Job Board Genius

Posted on: January 15th, 2014



Becoming a Job Board Genius

Understand the procedure: You can upload your resume onto the job board. Make sure your resume is comprehensible to a CV format. Visual resumes don’t work so great on job boards so stick to your docs.

Be on your toes: When a job that you like opens up. Make sure you apply in a timely manner. There are more than likely thousands of other applicants. But do not overlook quality.

Factoring the filters:  It is always best to filter by recently submitted. The older the job the more likely the recruiter already has a list of possible candidates. Start your search more targeted and then branch out from there.

Utilizing keywords: Keywords make a world of difference. Use words associated with a positions responsibilities (skills) and popular words associated with that job.

Follow instructions: Some resumes have specific instructions. Like emailing a copy of your resume or also taking a test. Don’t be overlooked by doing the overlooking.

Establish job alerts: Most job boards have an alert feature. You can set-up an alert to notify you as soon as a specific job becomes available or if a certain company releases some new job postings. Use these to your advantage and get ahead of the game.

Network to your Advantage

Posted on: January 7th, 2014



Your network can make or break you. Your network can provide recommendations, connections, business or possible jobs. In today’s world networking can get you far. Try to get to know everyone you can especially people in your industry. They can always help in the long run. That being said here are a few tips on how to network to your advantage:

Increase your connections- Make more contacts. Like previously mentioned the more connections you make the more you broaden your network. Your network can prove to be an asset in several situations.

Share knowledge- Share knowledge and become involved in your industry. The more involved you are with your connections the more your connections trust you. Talk shop.

Find a mentor- When networking you might find a role model or mentor. Tell them how much you admire what they do and utilize their train of thought to advance yourself.

Stay social- Networking can be done online or in person. Make sure to balance the two. You can only bond with connection so much online. Connecting with someone in person makes you more reliable and likable.

Seek opportunities- Once you have established your network and connections stay up to date with them. Contacts can provide new business, new jobs, new contacts, and new industry insight.

Tom The Turkey Stops By For Some Year End Motivation

Posted on: January 2nd, 2014



Tom the Turkey stopped by the Orlando office last week to inspire some last minute, year end deal making!