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Do Mobile Recruiting Right

Posted on: February 26th, 2014

mobile recruiting


Choose an easy platform – Make sure the platform that hosts your jobs is navigable and easy to use. Also make sure it looks professional and correlates to your company image.

Platform performance – The platform must be tested and tried before allowing others to use it. Ensure that your jobs are correctly connected through then platform and that all submissions can be received.

Be social – Post the jobs on social networks. It is an easy way for the jobs to be seen. Most people visit several social sites a day and they visit them more than regular websites so post your jobs there. Also the social sites have already safeguarded the resume submission process.

Personalization – Personalize the platform and make the user feel welcome. Have videos, tailored sections and profile saving features.

Follow-up – Have recruiters follow up with applicants in a timely manner. They are the same as computer based applicants. The mobile platform is just the starting point and must have the human contact after the initial submission.

Tech That’s Paving The Future Of Recruitment

Posted on: February 20th, 2014



Social Recruiting- Social recruiting is here to stay. It might even phase out some of the older forms of contacting candidates. All social sites seem to have a job search segment.

Culture Communities- These are places like GlassDoor & CareerBliss. They are communities that provide job seekers with a sense of company transparency. And they too have job postings.

Big Data- Big data is one of the biggest trends in the recruiting sector. Companies are using big data and cloud networking to vacuum candidates and their talent networks.

Mobile Platforms– Almost all job searches can be conducted on mobile devices now and the same goes for recruiting. Companies have made their websites portable and job postings mobile.

Charming Your Candidate

Posted on: February 13th, 2014


Being that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow; we thought we would cover some tactics on how to attract your candidate. And here they are:

Spruce up that job description  Just as if you were going on that first date. Appearance is everything so make sure it looks great!

Get to know him or her – Do your research and make sure you are familiar with the candidate. Knowing more about him or her will make the candidate feel like you really know who they are and what they are looking for. Also prep them for the interview.

Show off your swagger – Describe your company, the company that they would potentially be working for and the actual job. This is where you sell them on the position. Show them what makes the company and the jobs so amazing.

Small talk – Communicate often. Guide them throughout the process. Give them as much feedback as possible and make sure they feel involved.

The call –  They are anxiously waiting for you to call. So make sure you do. Following up ensures the sealed deal. Let them know the closing process.


Things recruiters can learn from super bowl ads

Posted on: February 6th, 2014


Know your audience- In this case; know your candidates or consultants.

Know where to reach your audience-Track them down on social platforms, VMS’, job boards or any location you might think candidates would be.

You only have a limited time to impress your audience-Know what you are going to say before you say it. Sell the candidate the job and make sure they stay interested throughout the process.

Tell a story-Captivate your audience, meaning your candidate. Sell them the position. Tell them what that job could do for them.

Be different-Be unexpected and compelling. Take a different route than most recruiters take.

Build a buzz-Create hype around the prospective company and around your company. Show them just how great they are.

Go for the heart-Help them and their future. Assist them in seeing how this job can be beneficial.