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Talking About Benefits

Posted on: March 26th, 2014

Dilemmas of Retirement

I asked one of our Business Unit Leaders, Clay McDonald, what he thought were some of the most effective benefits employers can offer. This is what he had to say:

Companies can do a few simple and inexpensive things to help drive applicant traffic for hard to fill IT skill sets.

Companies need to get creative to attract/entice workers to their organization. Here are a few successful perks:

  • No benefit is too small. We often hear from IT workers that they prefer environments with relaxed dress codes. This is an easy (and affordable) way for companies to attract and retain talent. Keeps them happy.
  • Work from home options. This is a huge selling point to technologists. Companies that can develop a work from home strategy demonstrate a progressive way of doing business. Technologists are progressive by nature. They know it’s very feasible to have a work from home strategy. Companies that are not adopting this are constantly getting beat out for talent by those that have a plan in place. Even if its 1 day per week.
  • Companies should embrace IT and technology. Hold IT summits/IT Field Days to promote their IT workers and the technology they integrate and develop for their respective business. Easy ways to make IT workers feel they are respected in their company.
  • Give an extra day or two off even if it’s not a planned day for everyone. This should certainly be done if an organization lacks the ability to pay bonuses, stock options and other traditional benefits.
  • For tenured workers, reward them further. Give these guys more work from home flexibility. If you can keep your top resources, you lessen the need to go out and hire new ones.


Lucky You!

Posted on: March 17th, 2014


Being that it is St. Patrick’s Day we thought we would talk about a little thing called luck.

Luck has been seen on the job seeker and the recruiter side quite often.

Job seekers have seen luck when they come across the perfect job. Even better than finding the perfect job, their qualifications match up perfectly. And taking one step farther, a recruiter calls them about the job. This might have something to do with “making your own luck”. The job seeker might have done everything he or she possibly could to qualify for that position. Or maybe he or she just got lucky.

Recruiters have a similar scenario. Recruiters have seen instances where they have searched high and low for a candidate and kept coming up empty handed, but out of nowhere a candidate appears. There are also those recruiters who have utilized every line to find the candidate and there are those who just get lucky.

So to all of those job seekers actively looking for the perfect position and all of the recruiters searching for the perfect candidate, good luck!

Overcoming the negative connotation in recruiting – what good recruiters do to overcome this

Posted on: March 13th, 2014



    I asked one of our Business Unit Leaders, TJ Owens, what he thought good recruiters do to overcome the negative connotation of being a recruiter and what they do to overcome this. This is what he had to say:

  1. 1. Treat candidates with respect and tell them the truth (the good and the bad in a constructive way).
  2. 2. Help them even if it’s not going to help you financially immediately – if you treat candidates well it will eventually come back to you in some way (referrals, introductions within their company, etc.).
  3. 3. Close the loop any time you talk with candidates about a position – one of the biggest complaints about recruiters is there is never any follow up.
  4. 4. Don’t try to force jobs on candidates – try to truly understand what’s important to them and match them to positions accordingly.
  5. 5. Check in / follow up from time to time whether you have anything for them or not – let them know you’re there for them when needed.
  6. 6. Understand the roles / companies we’re recruiting on – often times candidates are frustrated because recruiters just keyword search and dial and aren’t sure if they’re calling the right candidates because they don’t know the requirements.

The negative connotation within our industry is well deserved in many cases, unfortunately.  If a recruiter can commit to these things they’ll earn the trust of their candidates for years to come.

Why your LinkedIn drives recruiters away

Posted on: March 6th, 2014


Your profile picture: Make sure you have a profile picture. Also, make sure it is viewable and professional.

Current info: Your LinkedIn page should have accurate and up to date information on your background and current position.

Update your headline: Don’t keep the default headline. Change it to something that will incorporate your skills.

Utilize the network: LinkedIn is a great networking tool. Get involved in conversations, groups, and posts. Ask to be introduced if you want to connect to someone outside of your network.

Contact: Include contact info if you are currently looking for a job. This makes a call or email easier for the recruiter.