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Get Involved In Your Tech Community

Posted on: April 24th, 2014


Getting involved in the Tech Community can pay off big time. In the long run it can provide a network, friends and possible job opportunities. Here are a few community events and clubs we thought you might want to utilize:

Code Camps & Hackathons- Helping out or participating in hackathons can get you recognized. A lot of the tech communities partake in code camps and hackathons because they know they lead to growth in the tech industry.

Meetups A lot of cities or companies host tech Meetups.  This might be better if you are trying to zero in on your specific talents and abilities (for instance if you know AngularJS). They usually involve a speaker and a topic and sometimes free food and drink. Check out your local Veredus offices for scheduled Meetups in your area.

Tech Socials Tech Socials are similar to Meetups, but they are in a more relaxed setting. They are usually in a bar and offer drinks and giveaways.

Local Tech Organizations– Most cities have tech organizations just like they have young professional organizations. These organizations are less targeted and have a broader base. These have the future of tech in mind and bring out a lot of people.

Tech Societies– There are also tech societies that you can become a member of. These are usually broader like the tech organizations.

Startup Groups– Cities are usually incubators for startups. There are city run startup groups, individually run startup groups and company run startup groups.

Social Network Groups– Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have groups. These can be more targeted or expansive. They are an easy way to keep up to date on what’s going on in your city or town when it comes to tech.

Resignations & Counteroffers

Posted on: April 16th, 2014



Resignations and counteroffers are always difficult, especially when there are feelings involved. The goal is to resign in a manner that will prevent your current employer from giving you a counteroffer. When it comes to a counteroffer you have to turn your employer down twice. Here are some things to think about when you resign, and potentially get a counteroffer:

  • A good employee leaving is often considered a reflection on your boss
  • Leaving will create a heavier workload on others
  • Leaving might impact deliverables & deadlines
  • Your boss will often do everything in their power to get you to stay if they think there is any possibility that you might stay
  • They might offer you more money – significantly more money
  • They might mention a planned promotion or different assignment
  • They might make all sorts of promises to get you to stay, but if it often just long enough so they can find/train your replacement

If you accept the counteroffer:

  • You will always have the title as “traitor” looming over you
  • You could get passed over for promotions; they may think you are a short-term employee and that you are disloyal
  • You might find yourself out of a job when they find someone that can replace you

There is a professional & effective way to step-down that can help you avoid a counteroffer situation:

Get into the right frame of mind and think about all the reasons you’re going to your new position & why you are excited about it.

Draw up a letter ahead of time and include the following points:

  • I have enjoyed my time here
  • I have made a decision that is best for my career, my family, & my happiness
  • Please respect my wishes
  • Please help me make an effect transfer of my duties over the next 2 weeks

So remember:

  • Hand in your letter to your boss and let him or her read it.
  • Re-iterate the points you included in your letter.
  • If they do ask where you are headed, tell them that at this time you would rather not say. Your current boss might know someone at the new employer, you never know. Let them know that you will leave your number and email, and will do everything you can to assist them if they need you in the future, so long as it doesn’t interfere with your new responsibilities.


Building Client Relationships with Character and Integrity

Posted on: April 10th, 2014


Denise Jones, one of our Business Unit Leaders, and I got to talking about building client relationships. She pointed out some great tips. This is what she had to say:

People come first. Treat your client in the same manner you would want to be treated.

  • Be Truthful…. Don’t tell a client you have 25 Java developers for their opening, when you know that is not truthful. Manage their expectations of the candidate pool. Let them know what you can realistically do for them.
  • Culture….take the time to understand their organizations culture. This will help you with a much higher success rate in matching the right candidate to the job.
  • Technology- Spend the time to get a firm grasp on what technology is important to the position. This will help you avoid wasting everyone’s time with candidates that are not qualified for the position.
  • Keep in contact…Keep the client abreast of what you are finding with the candidate search. If you are having trouble finding candidates, tell them. You are their advocate, so work with them in adjusting the position requirements to fit the given candidate market.


Hashtags for Job Seekers

Posted on: April 1st, 2014


The social job search is becoming more and more prevalent. From Twitter to LinkedIn, Facebook to Google+, people are using social media to hunt for new jobs.

Along with social media comes the use of hashtags. Hashtags are used to literally “tag” or identify a specific topic. For example, #staffingfirm or even more directly #veredus.

There are several hashtags that really aid in searching for jobs on social platforms. Here are a couple well-known generic hashtags that job seekers should use when searching socially:



#job or #jobs






#hotjob or #hotjobs








These are just a few universal hashtags. Remember if you are leaning towards a specific industry make sure to add that in too. For example, #techjobs, #ITjobs, or even #jobsintech.

If you are in the tech industry make sure to check out our jobs here at Veredus at http://vereduscorp.com/job-seekers/find-jobs/. Best of luck in your search!