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Share Your Worst Interview Experience Ever & Win $500!!

Posted on: August 22nd, 2014


Tell Us Your Worst Interview Story

There’s nothing more disappointing than an interview that takes a turn for the worst. You’re sitting there ready to show off your tech talent, and you notice that you are interviewing with someone who seems like they have completely forgotten that they were the one who set-up this interview. You think to yourself you’d rather flip burgers than work here and you still have to keep your cool until you walk out the door.

You’re not the only one. Several others have thought that surely after what they endured that perhaps someone put them up to this.

Has this happened to you? Have you tolerated something so irritating and impractical? We want to know. If it has, you could win $500 just by reenacting your worst interview experience ever. We are requesting tech professionals to recreate the worst experience in a short video. Below are the details:

• Record a movie revealing your worst interview experience. Make sure it is safe for work, so no company names. And keep it under two minutes.

• Upload the video to http://videos.vereduscorp.com/. Check that the video is an .avi or .mp4 file.

• Video must be submitted to the above link by November 19th, 2014.

•Dice is partnering with us to capture these surreal interviews and will help view and rank the videos.

•The top three will be posted here and the winner of the contest will be nominated by a public poll right here on the site.

• The winner will be named on December 5th, 2014.


For more tips on interview preparation go to http://vereduscorp.com/career-center/.

And if you are currently searching for a job contact us at jobs@vereduscorp.com


VRC: The Defenders of Deals

Posted on: August 15th, 2014

The VRC team celebrated their recent successes with a couple of rounds of laser tag!