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Posted on: September 24th, 2015

It’s been 10 months since our announcement of the veredus_composite_RGB
partnership with Hays, Recruiting Experts Worldwide. I wanted to give an update on some of the triumphs and payoffs that this partnership has
brought us.

Veredus, A Hays Company was introduced to new technology and resources that have since advanced our ability to match candidates with clients. Some of the great tools we adopted were a unique Applicant Tracking System called OneTouch and a one-of-a-kind partnership with Linkedin.

Speaking of LinkedIn, Hays is the number one most followed staffing company, allowing us to tap into an reputable network of professionals.

Some exciting things will also develop from our partnership, including US industry insight reports, like the IT: What Employers Want report we are premiering this month.

The US market continues to be one of the most attractive staffing markets globally. As a result we are growing to support all markets and specialisms in order to provide our clients and candidates with the momentum they need for success.

We have recently expanded our IT footprint in New York along with expertise in Construction and Property in Orlando, New York, Dallas and Houston.

Veredus and Hays both share a vision of growth and service excellence.

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Networking Outside the Office: South Florida Sponsors Tech Night at the Ball Park

Posted on: September 17th, 2015

This month the South Florida team sponsored the 3rd sfl
annual Tech Night at the Ball Park at the Marlins field. This is a great networking event for us to meet tech candidates and clients in the Miami area outside the office.

There was close to 200 tech professionals that attended the fun night out. It was an overall success as a team.

It was very eventful as our South Florida Recruiters and Account Managers talked with several candidates about some hot and current job openings that we have, as well as potential clients, looking to expand their IT teams. South Florida is one of the top 10 markets for high-tech wage growth. As a result, IT pros are leaping at the chance to make a move to the Miami market. Our recruiters and account managers are nothing but excited for the challenge.

It was great being able to enjoy the game while being able to offer our staffing expertise.

After the event they had field side seats on the 3rd baseline where they watched the Marlins beat the Pirates that night 5-2.

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Posted on: September 10th, 2015

Every recruiter or account manager in staffing has their take on 5 tfss
what helps them make the best match.  Here are my top tips that have helped me throughout my career:

  1. 1. Take the time to plan your priorities

    From organizing which employers you are targeting today to following up with hiring managers you have already done business with, map your plan of attack and write it down. Not only will you be more effective in your job, you’ll leaving the office with a feeling of accomplishment having ticked off your tasks.

  1. 2. Returning and answering the call

    Make a habit of picking up the phone, even if you’re busy or in the middle of something else.  Sometimes random calls can bring you to the best candidates or jobs.

  1. 3. Be an expert in your field

    Brush up on key industry trends as well as terminology. You will find your conversations with hiring managers and candidates are much more effective as offer expertise and advice.

  1. 4. Find the best talent

    Pinpoint people who are successful in their current job and start to build a relationship. Keep in touch with new and relevant roles and when they’re ready to make a move, they will call you.

  1. 5. Utilize your network

    Get out of the office and meet as many people as possible. Building your networking in the local market will lead to more referrals of great candidates or employers looking for advice, and from there it’s up to you to build a great relationship that develops into a job match.

I’ve shared these tips with both experienced staffers and new starters to the company and many come back to say that these are now their pillars to work by.

What are your secrets to success? How do you make sure your deliver a great service to your customers every day?

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Posted on: September 2nd, 2015

Working in staffing is extremely rewarding and provides the opportunitydh
to accelerate earning and your career.

This month’s highlighted top sales professional is David Hubbard, Area Vice President. He has recently joined the company and has been able to completely transform our Texas market.

“I began my recruiting career 15 years ago in Texas. Throughout my career in staffing I have had the privilege of launching several successful branches from the ground up and help get these branches established. Working in staffing has allowed me to manage multiple offices and help grow regions into the most profitable in the country.”

David got started in staffing by working as a contractor in accounting while in his junior year at TCU. At the time he thought that he wanted his career to be in accounting, as it had been his life-long dream up until that point. However, staffing had opened his eyes to a new career and something that he truly enjoyed; being able to help people and businesses, and this was the perfect combination. He now helps people find their ideal jobs and helps companies find the talent they need to succeed and prosper.

“My career goal is to have my offices be the leading divisions in the company. I believe building strong teams, promoting top performers, enhancing brand recognition, while simultaneously delivering positive results is what makes a team successful. I’m excited about the opportunity this will provide for the employees in my markets to advance their careers, increase their incomes, and the recognition they will receive.”

The Texas market provides a tremendous opportunity for career growth. As one of the top markets in the US, with a high diversity of industries, Texas is an extremely attractive market to build a career in.

“I really enjoy working for this company because of the people, positive culture, and the opportunity to make us a leader in the US staffing market. The executive leadership team values the employees, and provides clear direction for the future of our organization. Plus, the overall support provided to employees creates an environment to help each individual perform at a high level.   I’ve been so impressed with how much people are willing to help and support one another company wide. This is a unique company and one that I feel lucky to be a part of.”

The team is full of enthusiasm and driven to succeed. They balance this well with having fun and celebrating their success. Everyone works as a collaborative unit to achieve goals, and is quick to volunteer to help one another.

David has set big goals for the Texas market. He has already shown the company that he means business and has secured some pretty big wins since his first day.

You too can achieve big things with a career in staffing.

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