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Posted on: May 20th, 2016

imgresAt Veredus a Hays company, we’re proud to support projects that help our local communities. One such project, the Metropolitan Ministries care for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in our Tampa community, through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instil self-sufficiency. Our team at the Tampa office helps to support this excellent local initiative wherever possible.

Recently highlighted by the Metropolitan Ministries is one of our own amazing team members, Zibron Harden who went through the Ministries education program that helped her earn a degree and ultimately a job with us on the accounting/payroll team.

Zibron has flourished in her role and has already seen three promotions and an award recognizing her for performance in supporting the sales team. Zibron says “as the payroll supervisor there is a lot of trust bestowed upon me. This trust has made me more accountable and drives my ambition to succeed”

Check out the video of Zibron’s story that the Metropolitan Ministries made.

“Four years ago Veredus gave me the opportunity to improve my life and achieve self-sufficiency. I am very grateful to work with such an amazing company that truly cares about their employees, on and off the clock.” – Zibron

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Posted on: May 12th, 2016

Lisa O’Neill is an international transfer from the UK now working in our Houston office. Read how she’s been able to take her previous experience from the UK and apply it successfully to a completely new specialism in Houston, Texas.

What is it about recruitment and your role that you enjoy?

The variety. Each client and candidate we work with is unique. We get to meet so may interesting people and work with such a variety of companies. No two days are the same. Even after 6 years I am still challenged and manage to learn something new every day. Each Hays consultant I meet is unique and original too. I have been lucky to work with some great people across the business.

You started out in the UK before relocating to the US, what made you choose the US?

I had lived in London for 10 years and after my daughter was born my husband and I decided to look for a location which offered more sunshine, an outdoor lifestyle, an improved quality of life for the family with good career opportunities for both my husband and I. The USA ticked all those boxes. The acquisition of Veredus came along just at the right time and opened up a massive opportunity which was not available previously in the USA.

How are you finding the market currently in Houston, does it bring different challenges than ones you would have faced in the UK?

I love the Houston market. It definitely presents different challenges to what I experienced in the UK however it also presents some unique opportunities which play to my strengths. I love Business Development and as long as you are not afraid to pick up the phone and get yourself out in front of clients you can make rapid progress here. The market is not saturated with specialist recruiters either, so if you offer a good quality, consistent service, which we do, then clients tend to come on board quickly.

What were the main challenges you faced when you relocated to the US?

I have lived in the US before so the culture change was not that difficult. The big obstacles are to be expected like getting set up with an apartment, a driving license and a car with a busy toddler had its moments! Small things like the banking, healthcare and tax returns are done differently here and those can get overwhelming at times. I also miss some of my small local shops in the UK. The size and amount of choice in the USA can make a person dizzy 

What are the benefits to working in a new country?

Personally it has given me a more global and well-rounded view of the business. Learning from co-workers that have been in the area for a while and picking up on tips have really helped me improve my own skills as a recruiter.

What’s been your highlight, or your proudest moment, working for Hays?

Winning an exclusive trip to Sardinia, an Island of the coast of Italy with the 5 other top performing consultants and the UK Managing Director was definitely a highlight. That was for the most growth of my Senior Finance temporary business over a given period of time. We stayed at an exclusive resort, went on a sailing trip on a private boat on the Mediterranean Sea where we were served fresh seafood and fine wine for the day on board. That was a memorable trip. In the US there are monthly drawings for trips and other fun contests so my next goal is to win a few trips and explore the rest of the states for free!

What did the move to the US teach you?

I specialized in Senior Finance Recruitment in the UK and transferred to Construction when I relocated to Houston. The transition to a different specialism was not as difficult as I’d anticipated. As long as you have mastered the skills of being a good recruiter, with enough effort you can transfer and be successful in multiple markets. Working in Houston we have the opportunity to be a bit more entrepreneurial and try and test the market. My advice is, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to expand yourself just because what you are doing now is not already established in a new market. Giving yourself the opportunity to gain as much international experience as possible and being exposed to working in different countries is something that will set you apart and present advantages and opportunities in the future

What were the steps leading up to your move to Houston?

Our CEO Alistair Cox sent out a message on his blog looking for experienced recruiters to transfer to the USA market to develop it. Houston was one of the cities mentioned. I spoke to our local mobility leader and she explained the opportunity in more detail. It sounded exciting. After discussions with the family and my Team Mangers in London I moved forward with a formal application. I met with the James Hawley, Executive Vice President of the USA in London for an interview. I put Houston as my number one location as it was the location which best suited our lifestyle. I spoke with Jason Harpum, Regional Manager on a number of occasions as well as Jenni Scott, Senior Business Manager who had made the move from Australia. The glove fit. I got a formal offer which I accepted and the rest progressed from there.

How long did it take to settle in Houston?

Not very long. It is pretty straight forward to get set up in the US. Although challenges do come up at times, overall we are pretty well settled in Houston.

What excites you most about the future?

James Hawley, Executive Vice President of the USA rolled out our 3 year plan yesterday in Houston. It is exciting to see how much the business has developed in the last 12 months and the exciting expansion plans that are planned for the next 3 years. There are some exciting cities and further specialisms to be rolled out in the future. It is also exciting to see how each individual makes such an impact and is such an instrumental part of a business in this stage of its growth. There is exciting fast track career progression plans available for people with the motivation and interest in developing markets. I can see the USA offering exceptional career opportunities and motivation for the foreseeable future.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about relocating?

I would advise that you at least make the inquiry. Reach out to your local mobility team or somebody you know that may be working in a market you are interested in. You just never know where it will lead you. The great thing about relocating is that you can take your existing skills and knowledge to another country, but still have the same workplace culture… It also gives you the chance to utilize your skills but experience a different lifestyle in another country and take advantage of what it has to offer in terms of travel, food and culture.

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Posted on: May 3rd, 2016

NewYorkOfficeLocated in Midtown Manhattan near Madison Square Gardens, our Hays New York office is the hub for all construction and property business for the Big Apple and surrounding area. NYC is a hot spot for construction and property recruitment, and with projects such as the $4bn upgrade to LaGuardia Airport in the pipeline, the demand for hiring is only projected to increase.

Since opening for business in Midtown Manhattan at the end of 2014, the Construction & Property division has expanded significantly building a strong candidate and client database from scratch. Our recruitment consultants are exceeding their monthly targets on a continual basis. Regional Director, Alex Powell describes the NYC market as “a skill short market with a very strong job flow”, as such the need to expand headcount to keep up with the ever increasing demand for hiring has become a priority.

With a strong local economy and billions being funneled into development projects across the city, it is no surprise the Construction & Property team has seen immense growth in hiring needs, and as such, have seen their monthly commissions skyrocket. The Construction & Property team are hiring for all levels including Associate Recruiters, Recruiters, Senior Consultants & Managers/Senior Managers to help the team to fulfill the hiring requirements of top employers in NYC. Alex Powell says that the team in NYC is “a cohesive, performance driven team who strive every day to be the very best they can possibly be, whilst having fun! A true Hays culture.”

Although the vibrancy & energy may be enough to entice some people to work in NYC, the immense hiring demand should be a prime selling point for anyone wishing to start your career in the recruitment industry, or relocate for further career enhancement.

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