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Posted on: December 13th, 2016

Each year, we send our top billers to the Founders’ Club Trip, which recognizes hard work and those who showed growth during the year. This year’s trip took place in Cabo, Mexico and for six days of sunshine and celebration at a five star all-inclusive resort, our winners got to know each other better and share success stories across the business.

The winners who went to this year’s club trip are: Karin Ladis, Stephanie Markese, Jenni Scott, Alex Powell, Joe Stewart, Gemma Beasley, Laura Sherrier, Amy Wright, Rosa Manges, along with our Executive Vice Presidents, James Hawley and David Brown.

Jenni Scott, Senior Business Manager for C&P in Houston, said “Had a brilliant holiday and absolutely loved it. Kellie and I had a lovely time and it was nice to spend time with the other billers.”

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We have great opportunities for you to have a chance to be in the next Founders’ Club Trip!

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